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About Premier

Established in 1998, Premier (UK) Property Management Limited specialises in the provision of select and boutique properties for discerning UK and international clients. We take pride in offering a comprehensive and highly personalised service in order to present you with whichever type of property you may ask us to find, be it your next home or your next investment opportunity.

For two decades, we have successfully secured hundreds of properties for numerous clients all around the world, drawing from our portfolio of listed and off-market properties ranging from exclusive domestic and commercial premises to hotels, land and development projects. In addition to advising on prime London and UK locations, Premier has significant expertise in the international property market with particular emphasis on Greece and Turkey and the neighbouring Mediterranean regions.

Based on our preliminary discussions, we will then begin our property search and put together a shortlist of options. We will arrange the viewings, negotiate on your behalf, introduce you to the various professional services you may require, including financial and legal advice, and do everything in our power to secure your promised property.

Premier welcomes enquiries from both international and UK based buyers and we would be delighted to offer our unique knowledge and services to help you acquire your ideal property.

A message from the Director

Eli Karavil - Director - Premier UK Property LtdI invite anybody who wants to explore the idea of making their next step on the property ladder a reality. Acquiring a property in a major city such as London, or indeed overseas, can be daunting and you may discover that it is also very time consuming. At Premier, my team and I oversee and advise on all aspects of every project, from noting down what you want from us to making sure hands are shaken at the end of the day. The expertise we offer takes away much of the anxiety involved in any property acquisition and helps ensure the experience is always productive and enjoyable.

I, personally, have been in the property business since the early 90’s, until I saw an opportunity in specialising my practice towards prime locations. Over the years, I have arranged the purchase and sale of numerous high-value properties for both domestic and foreign clients. My experience also reaches into major refurbishment projects in and around London, as well as being deeply engaged in the provisions of mortgages and loans for property owners from around the world.

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Eli Karavil, Director & Owner of Premier

Why choose Premier

Premier is a property management company offering a bespoke service serving a sophisticated or specialised clientele. Our 20 years of operating in the heart of London not only means that we have the experience, it also means that we have strong relationships with the professional advisors necessary to facilitate both domestic and international property transactions,

These relationships help to make our practice one of the best in the city, providing us not only with properties available through the normal channels, but also providing a constant supply of properties which are off-market and exclusively on sale through us. These are opportunities which you would not be aware of, unless you came to us.

We are also completely independent. This is most significant for you as a buyer, because it means we do not hold a certain affinity or a loyalty towards any particular agent. It means that all of the properties put in front of you could be from multiple sources, but they will all be the most suitable properties in accordance with your requirements.

The scope of our business covers all types of property in London and also internationally with The Mediterranean being a very popular location for us to source properties for past and current clients. Any queries are welcome and we are always open to a challenge.

Many agencies and some private sellers ask us to operate on a ‘discreet marketing’ basis, which is commonplace in this industry. This means that these properties are not available for viewing unless they are proposed to you by us. Even if they are technically on sale, the properties will not host any sale signage or be posted online. However, these can be showcased to you if what you are requesting from us is a close match. If you have any other questions regarding any of the above, please do get in touch.

Our Services

    • An initial, without obligation, meeting – this is an opportunity to talk and establish your property criteria so we can make sure we find you properties which will meet your expectations. We urge you to ask us about anything you may have in mind, be it about the interior style or the colour of the bricks. Naturally, we will have questions to ask you too in order to help us define your requirements.
    • Search & Sort – this is our time to provide you with the fundamental service you want from us – the search for your property. We have an extensive list of available properties which is forever changing and which we will refine into an initial list for you to consider.
    • The Viewing – we will preview the property for you, in the first instance, to make sure it is everything it says it is. If suitable, we will present the property to you, accompanying you to the viewing and, importantly, answering any further questions you may have about the building. If you are planning to perform any future works on the property we will also be able to advise you on the best way in which to do so.
    • The Shortlist – once having viewed all the available properties, it will be time to sit down and discuss your options. Second viewings can also be arranged as it is important to us that the most suitable property for you is chosen. We will be there to help you through the process and advise you on which choice will be the best for you.
    • Negotiations – once the most suitable property has been determined, we will endeavour to get the best terms arranged for you. With decades of negotiation experience within our team, we know the best ways to approach sellers regarding negotiations. We also have a number of lawyers and financiers to hand to ensure the process is carried out seamlessly. And of course, you will be consulted throughout this process.
    • The Acquisition – our above mentioned lawyers and financiers will again be to hand if needed, but the post-negotiation stages are generally quite straight forward. We will ask you to come and sign the necessary paperwork, and from there the only thing left is moving in.

Premier also offers a number of other services which are available to our clients throughout the property finding and acquisition process. These services are available upon request, and if appropriate, on a case-by-case basis.

Currently Available Properties

45 Cadogan Place, London

45 Cadogan Place, London

It is a 4 bedroom maisonette on the 2nd & 3rd floor, located one of the most prestigious locations in London. 3 bathrooms, direct access from the lift to the flat, Approx 1500 sq ft, the building facing a park and a tennis court, wooden floor throughout, only 4...

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Bodrum / Turkey

Bodrum / Turkey

Gross: 230 m2 Land: 834 m2 Swimming pool: 50 m2 3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchenettes, 2 sitting rooms with fireplace A delightful two-level, shareable house designed to allow total privacy for each guest, that can also be divided into two separate holiday homes. A...

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Below is a small selection of properties which Premier has previously sold. Regarding properties of this nature, or any other property you would like us to source, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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